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          - Depending on the nature of the project. Beats starting off from 500€ and upwards.
          - Beats which are showcased below in the Beats section are considered miscellaneous
            productions with lesser value and may be sold for a cheaper price. For more information, 
            send an email and ask for specifics.
          - Jingles, ambient music etc for use in commercials, on web pages and similar places are
            priced according to expected workload. For more information, send an email and ask for
          - Beats in the VIP section have never been shown or played for anyone beforehand and are
            thus exclusive. Only A&R's, recording artists or record companies have access to the VIP
            section. Also, the beats in the VIP section are vastly superior compared to the beats show-
            cased on all of the other webpages like YouTube, MySpace etc. For access to the VIP-
            section, please email your request to


          - Additional work is NOT automatically included in the price.
          - Beats are exclusively sold for commercial use, no exceptions.
          - Intellectual properties are never transfered, distribution is regulated via international organs
            responsible for royalties and license fees, copyright etc such as e.g. ASCAP in the US or
            STIM in Sweden.
          - Those with access to the VIP section are solely responsible for any misconduct or misuse.
          - Included in the price is exclusive right to use the music commercially without any limits as
            long as the use don't violate agreed terms and conditions or deviates from standard rules
            at different copyright collection societies.

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